PCB designing

PCB Tronic provides professional Printed Circuit Board designing services.

The main features of our company are: highly qualified staff, years of experience and modern technologies of designing which are conformant with world’s quality standards.

Individual approach to each order allows us to fulfil them effectively and to lower the costs of prototype, implementation or large – scale production.

The range of PCB designing involves:
- designs of 1- layer circuits
- designs of 2 – layers circuits with metallization
- designs of multilayer circuits
- designs of flexible circuits
- designs of circuits for special purposes
- designs of circuits which are on surfaces with high thermic diffusivity.

Each designed circuit is followed by the creation of a prototype, circuit assembly and the whole process of tests. When all the stages are successfully finished, the necessary documentation for the start of large -  scale production is prepared.

Initial pricing

The necessary information which is needed to prepare the initial price of the project:
- the way, in which the  PCB circuit will be used (standard, industrial, military)
- technically-technological orders (SMT/ THT assembly, diagnostic points, descriptive layers, diameter of aperture)
- the requirements according to the type of casing (dimension of PCB, maximum size of the elements, quantity and the layout of connectors)
- the interferential requirements (maximum voltage and currents in which the circuit will be working)

Professional approach  of our company guarantees our customers the highest quality of order’s fulfilment and optimisation of project’s costs. Moreover, the time of realisation is very fast.

We look forward to your cooperation.