DEK Horizont 03ix

DEK Horizon 03iX - Best-in-class performance

Horizon iX from DEK has revolutionised the screen printing marketplace. Harnessing the power of proven technology leadership, Horizon iX puts manufacturers in control of their business performance. Flexibility and freedom of choice is at the heart of this platform, prioritising value of ownership and Return on Investment (ROI) today and tomorrow.

DEK Horizon iX print platforms offer a comprehensive array of sophisticated features as standard, including optimised printer frame technology, fast product changeover, 2 Cpk print process capability and proven 6-sigma production performance.

Horizon iX also equips manufacturers with the power to choose from a wide range of options retrofittable in the field. Evolving alongside your requirements, Horizon iX can be easily upgraded with advanced optional upgrades from speed improvements to intelligent board support to easily address future applications, production needs or technologies – extending platform lifetime for the lowest cost-of-ownership.

Horizon iX gives you the power to build your screen printer around your precise business demands.

For manufacturers who know exactly what they want, we have pre-configured a choice of three Horizon iX printers to optimise your performance in a wide range of diverse applications. 


Standard features

  • Process alignment capability 2 Cpk @ ± 25µm 6-Sigma
  • Machine alignment capability 2 Cpk @ ± 12.5µm 6-Sigma
  • 12 second cycle time
  • High Throughput Conveyor (option)
  • DEK camera
  • DEK Instinctiv™ V9 user interface
  • ISCAN® Intelligent Scalable Control Area Network
  • Semi-Auto Stencil Load
  • Standard tooling table
  • Fixed Chase
  • Full size stencil frame capacity
  • Standard board size capability
  • Colour TFT touch screen, keyboard and trackball
  • DEK standard one-year warranty

Optional features

  • Adjustable Stencil Mount
  • High Throughput Conveyor (HTC)
  • 2-second cycle time Speed-Up Modules
  • Semi-auto stencil load
  • Auto stencil load
  • HawkEye® 750
  • HawkEye® 1700
  • HawkEye® Bridging
  • HawkEye® 2Di
  • 2Di inspection
  • Cyclone understencil cleaner
  • DEK Blue understencil cleaner
  • ProFlow® DirEKt Imaging
  • HD Grid-Lok® automatic tooling
  • Long board capability