Assembly of SMT (SMD + THT)

PCB Tronic offers professional assembly of SMT (SMD + THT) with  congeneric made design and prepared production. The assembly can be made of clients’ units or we can gather them on our own. In such case we collect them on the basis of specifications provided by the customer.

Mainly, we specialise in contractual orders but we also do experimental and prototype batch of products.

The range of competences of PCB Tronic embraces:
- fully automatic, one and two- layered assembly of SMD
- fully automatic reeved assembly of THT
- mixed assembly
- testing of ready circuits

The assembly of SMD is made with the use of adhesives and high quality of soldering pasta. We use melting and wave soldering technologies.

On the assembled circuits we put protective layers of lacquers, silicones, latexes and other coats chosen by the clients.

We have contracts  with world’s  manufacturers of electronic components. This allows us to swiftly gather all the assembly elements and achieve propitious prices.

Additionally, we make on our own the template for application of soldering pasta. This allows us to start the assembly with dispatch.

Our professional staff, the usage of components which come from prestigious suppliers and high quality machine park guarantee our customers the highest quality.  

We look forward to your cooperation.