Production of Printed Circuit Boards

PCB Tronic produces high quality printed circuits not only for prototype but also contract manufacturing.

The range of our proficiency and manufacturing possibilities are impressive. To start with simple 1- layer circuits through multilayer ones to finish with flexible circuits.

In our production, we use components which come from prestigious and known all over the world suppliers. At the customer’s request we are able to realise the project on the basis of provided components guidelines.

PCB Tronic specialises in manufacturing:
- one-sided and two- sided circuits with metallized aperture
- multilayer circuits
- circuits on isolated surfaces
- circuits with blind vias

We can make a copper galvanization and application of  solder stop mask on all our circuits.  Assembly descriptions of PCB are made with the use of  photochemistry  and screen printing methods.

Additionally, we have the possibilities to do unleaded galvanisation and gilding with the use of the chemical method. At the customer’s request we do engraving, drilling and milling.

Professional approach  of our company guarantees our customers the highest quality of order’s fulfilment and optimisation of project’s costs. Moreover, the time of realisation is very fast.

We look forward to your cooperation.